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Truck, Trailer Loans & Leasing Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Town of Halifax was established in 1749 as a small British military outpost. Today, it is the capital of and largest city in Nova Scotia. It is a global city. Throughout all this time, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of its harbour. The Halifax Shipyard is the landing point in Canada for countless shipped goods. And some of those goods that come off those ships might have to be transported by you. But you’ll need a truck.

GTA Financial Ltd. (a division of RB Leasing) has been helping North American businesses secure truck and trailer loans for years. Our devotion to our customers and to creating customized solutions for each business has made us a leader in customer satisfaction.

The Transport Business in Halifax

Sometimes Haligonians need to rent a transport truck. Whether it be for a short-term personal job or your company is looking to expand its fleet, we are reliable and reputable. Short distance and long-haul drivers alike know that there’s more to a good truck than just size. One must consider load-capacity, comfort, and myriad other factors to make the right decision. But these factors can change over time. Rather than selling your truck and buying a new one every time your needs change, come to GTA Financial Ltd.. We have trucks to meet the needs of all drivers.

Truckers from Halifax know it is imperative to have of a high quality vehicle. Whether you’re on a tight schedule trying to make a run through the summertime traffic up to Cape Breton or you’re testing your stress limits by having to maneuver your vehicle downtown, the Halifax area can lead to tough driving conditions that can rapidly age your truck. Instead of investing in something that will quickly depreciate in value, rent with GTA Financial Ltd. and you won’t have to worry about devaluing your investment.

Why Should I Go through GTA Financial Ltd.?

At the GTA Financial Ltd., we care about our Halifax customers and we provide affordable rates. Those interested in loaning a truck will appreciate our simple application process.The GTA Financial Ltd. makes the entire process painless and uncomplicated.

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in Halifax

Halifax is a beautiful and charming city, but it can be an expensive place to live and do business. But loaning or leasing a truck offers you more financial flexibility. Leasing and loaning are terms with which many potential Haligonian truck renters have difficulty. If you’ve never leased a truck before, where do you start? And how do you know which truck is best suited for your requirements? This type of confusion is precisely why people choose GTA Financial Ltd. over our competitors.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you figure out your needs. No other transport truck rental company in Halifax provides the same great customer service, rates, or lease terms as we do. Contact our expert team today to learn more about your options.

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