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Kingston is the metropolitan hub between Toronto and Montreal and there are many travel routes in and around the city. As a trucker, you’re sure to be using the major four-lane 401 that runs across the north-end of the city.

The 401 often oscillates between dangerous driving and gridlock traffic. Weather conditions in Kingston during the fall and winter months are very poor at times. Driving in potential hazardous conditions or in bustling traffic means your truck needs to be in top-notch shape.

When it’s time to get a new truck or to increase your fleet, GTA Financial Ltd.’s experienced, knowledgeable staff can help you create a financial strategy to get the trucks and equipment that meet your needs.

Renting a transport truck in the Kingston area couldn’t be easier when you turn to GTA Financial Ltd. where you’ll find a reliable and reputable solution for your truck loaning and leasing needs.

Uncomplicated financial process

Your GTA Financial Ltd. in Kingston has a crystal-clear process providing you with a solution just right for your circumstances. They’ll explain each step along the way to securing your truck or other heavy equipment.

Why should I lease my commercial vehicle?

  • Tax break. Leasing lets you write off payments saving you money come tax time.
  • Fixed payments. A lease is setup with a fixed payment for a fixed term helping you to manage monthly budgets.
  • Flexible credit underwriting. Credit is just one factor leasing industry lenders look at before making a decision. Details like asset type and industry experience are also taken into consideration.
  • Refinancing. When you need money for repairs, cash flow, or any unexpected expenses, GTA Financial Ltd. can help you determine your truck or trailer’s value, take out the available equity for you and deposit the cash right into your account.
  • Repair Loans. We can help you get approved for any unexpected repair costs for your truck. We can either add funds to your current lease or fashion a repair lease.
  • Trade Up. You may be leasing but want to upgrade into a newer truck. The team at GTA Financial Ltd. can help you do that without heavy penalties. We’re experts in getting you into an upgraded truck without any additional money coming out of your bottom line.

Dedicated to your success!

GTA Financial Ltd. has a proven track record of obtaining the best financing options for your particular needs. We have industry experts on our team waiting to answer any of your questions you have about your leasing and financing needs. You won’t leave our office until you’re clear about everything.

We’ll make sure you walk into any dealer with a pre-approved amount, so you know you’ll be staying within your budget. We’ll work with you to reduce any risk or stress that might come with financing. So, what you’ll also get at GTA Financial Ltd. in Kingston is peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right decision for your situation.

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