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Truck Loans & Leasing London, Ontario

The GTA Financial Ltd. is excited to be offering its services to the businesses in London, Ontario. With extensive experience in the industry and getting to know those of our clients, we are fully aware of how complex the process of moving commercial freight is and the important role is plays in the functioning of the Canadian economy.

We’ve worked side by side with thousands of clients, making sure they get access to financing all over the nation. One of the things we are most proud of at the GTA Financial Ltd. is that we work for our clients directly. We are not tied to manufacturers or dealers. Our corporate philosophy is to provide our clients with access to the terms and information which will allow them to walk into any dealer knowing their financing is already in place.

We also have extensive experience developing loans to meet our clients’ equipment and heavy machinery needs. We have years of experience designing loan and lease schedules for the transportation, construction, manufacturing, agricultural and industrial sectors, making sure you stay within your working capital, credit, small business loan and invoice factoring requirements.

Commercial Truck Loans

We are aware that many of the goods Canadians buy and sell on a daily basis would not be readily available across the country without the commercial trucking industry. Commercial trucking is a very logistically sophisticated industry and access to financing needs to be reliable for it to operate efficiently.

Trailer Loan

The rental prices for trailers have seen a marked increase in recent years and we at the GTA Financial Ltd. have developed an effective and efficient process for getting your trailer loans approved. It is often the case that we can provide our clients with zero-down loans, as well as extended terms (up to 72 months) and pre-approvals up to $1 million.

Truck Leasing

Leasing a truck(s) comes with some additional benefits, including:

  1. a tax advantage, which means you can write your lease payments off your bottom line
  2. fixed payments, for fixed terms
  3. flexible credit underwriting

Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment Loans

Our knowledgeable and hard working construction and agricultural industry advisors can help you access financing for equipment, construction, small businesses and account receivables factoring. Our aim is to work with our clients to help them improve cash flow and provide them with access to sources of capital outside of traditional lending avenues. This allows us to provide our clients with more manageable short term bridge loans, thereby helping them continue to grow their businesses.

Working Capital Loans

If you are interested in requesting a quote for a working capital loan, give our quick and easy working capital loan calculator a try and get yours today.

If you are new to entrant in your industry and are hoping to secure financing for that first vehicle or piece of machinery, or even if you’ve had years of experience and are interested in why so many businesses have found success with the GTA Financial Ltd., we are here to help. Contact us today and speak to an industry expert.

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