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North Bay is one of the most economically diverse communities in Northeastern Ontario, which makes it an ideal place for you to invest in an owner-operator trucking business.

But organization is key to success. From being realistic about your costs to finding the right equipment to maintaining cash flow, the GTA Financial Ltd. can help you get your business off the ground and running with our incredible lease and loan products.

Trucking opportunities in North Bay

North Bay has a diverse population comprising 70,000 people, while the North Bay regional trading area has an estimated 120,000 residents.

North Bay is nicknamed the “Gateway of the North.” It is a business-friendly city with a number of multinational industries providing employment to the residents, access to affordable industrial land, many educational programs ranging from pre-school to postsecondary, and many recreational facilities and other useful amenities.

The city presents a multitude of business opportunities for those looking to venture into entrepreneurship. The trucking industry is particularly attractive considering that the region enjoys easy access to a wide range of trade opportunities in the larger Canadian and US markets.

North Bay is an estimated 330 km (about 210 miles) to the north of Toronto. The Ottawa River watershed is situated to the east of the city, and to the west is the Great Lakes Basin. The city also offers easy access to Highways 11 and 17, which offer convenience for transportation and logistics companies.

Highways 11 and 17 both constitute the Trans-Canada Highway. Moreover, they share one route via the city centre, along a limited-access road with reduced access. Both highways previously had business spur routes via downtown North Bay – Highways 11B and 17B – though they were decommissioned and designated as city streets.

North Bay also provides access to Thorne via Highway 63, which becomes Quebec Route 101 once it crosses the Ottawa River. It is also worth noting that the southbound lanes on the steep incline of Highway 11 towards North Bay are the only ones in the whole of Ontario’s highway system equipped with a runaway truck ramp.

Why should you get your equipment and financing through GTA Financial Ltd.?

With a strong presence in the trucking industry across North America, our team of experts has helped entrepreneurs, owner-operators, and fleets start and grow their businesses by providing them with low-cost access to the vehicles they need.

TLC works with all people in the trucking industry, and you don’t even need to have a detailed business plan of how to proceed with your trucking business. Simply talking with our expert team will help you realize things that you had not factored into your plans. We are constantly analyzing the trucking industry in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, and North America so that we can have the foresight necessary to guide our operations and our clients.

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