Sarnia, Ontario

The City of Sarnia in Southwestern Ontario has the largest population in Lambton County, with about 72,000 residents, according to the 2016 Census. The petrochemical and agricultural industries remain central drivers of the city’s economy, which explains why hauling raw materials and other products is lucrative in Sarnia.

Whether you are looking to start your transport business, expand your fleet, or become an owner-operator, GTA Financial Ltd. can work within your budget to get you the truck or trucks you need.

Trucking in Sarnia

The trucking industry in Sarnia is competitive, in part because the city connects to Port Huron in the US, via the Blue Water Bridge. This is the fourth busiest border crossing in Ontario, meaning that a large flow of business goes through the City of Sarnia.

The Blue Water Bridge border crossing is influenced by both the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) and NEXUS (frequent traveller) programs. The bridge forms part of the NAFTA Superhighway, connecting the American Interstate 94 (I-94) to Highway 402, and is arguably the most integral gateway on the north-south truck route.

Your business rivals include other trucking companies, including national carriers, as well as rail and air cargo transportation, but depending on your routes and the distances that you haul products, you can always succeed in Sarnia’s trucking industry.

Why Work with the GTA Financial Ltd.?

At GTA Financial Ltd., our experts not only provide leasing and financial solutions that are specifically tailored for the trucking industry, we also provide industry metrics to help our clients plan their operations better and adjust to changes in the economy.

We understand that your competitiveness depends on:

  • Your shipping cost per load;
  • Your track record of on-time and accurate deliveries;
  • The ability to offer logistics expertise and added service.

That is why our leasing and financing solutions focus on quality and flexibility. Our leasing service boasts a transparent and fast application process. Our flexible payments also allow you to retain as much money as possible in the business. After all, cash flow is key.

We take pride in our uncomplicated finance process. While many financial institutions focus on profits and timely payments, we go out of our way to ensure that our partners stay updated on industry news. Our experts are keen to identify changes and trends in the trucking industry. We analyse these changes and discuss them with our clients to ensure that their plans are made from a point of solid understanding.

Our products are tailored for your unique business needs. We can provide trucks for short, medium, or long-distance hauling, and for whatever capacity you need. Working with us offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Tax breaks- leasing allows you to write off payments, which translates to savings when calculating your taxes;
  • Flexible credit underwriting- while many lenders base their decisions on your credit, we also look at industry experience and asset type to reduce the chances of turning you away;
  • Trade up- we give you the option to upgrade to a bigger capacity truck to haul more goods, or to upgrade to a newer truck to enjoy the benefits of new accessories, fuel savings, and more.

If you have any questions, contact our TLC office in Sarnia to discuss your leasing and financing options in greater detail.

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