Thunder Bay, Ontario

Truck, Trailer Loans & Leasing Thunder Bay, Ontario

Though based out of Brampton, Ontario, the GTA Financial Ltd. is pleased to be offering our truck, trailer, construction, and heavy equipment financing services to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The second largest city in northern Ontario behind Sudbury, this industrious town is home to over 120,000 permanent residents.

While Thunder Bay employs a great number of people in the public sector as it is required to provide services for much of northwestern Ontario, it’s an important transport spot on the St. Lawrence Seaway and sees many goods shipped through it by truck. Bombardier Transportation also owns and operates a plant that is one of the city’s largest employers, and resource based industries such as forestry also play a significant role.

With Thunder Bay resting on a critical pivot point for many goods flowing through it, it is understandable that there is a high demand for trucks/trailers as well as heavy and construction equipment. Purchasing a truck/trailer or any piece of equipment is a serious investment for your business and that’s where the GTA Financial Ltd. can help. We offer loans, leases, and various other financing options that will help you get the equipment you need under the circumstances that are appropriate for your business.

Loans and Leases are the two main ways that we will help you finance your new truck, trailer, construction, or heavy equipment. When applying for a loan, we understand our clients often approach us in a rush and are looking to move forward with their projects as quickly as possible. Acquiring the best rate requires a small amount of patience and information about you and your needs. With our process, we can create competition among our lenders for your loan, which allows us to get you the best rate possible.

Leasing is becoming an increasingly popular and more budget friendly method of financing. A lease is simply a contract for an agreed upon time involving a set number of payments that will allow you to use the truck, trailer, or equipment you are renting. Leasing offers the advantage of fixed payments that aren’t subject to fluctuating interest rates, and a lease can give you certain tax benefits/write offs.

To discuss your financing options for a truck, trailer or piece of heavy/construction equipment, call the GTA Financial Ltd. now at 1-866-230-0094 or contact us through our website and we’ll set up a consultation now!

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