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Truck, Trailer Loans & Leasing Windsor, Ontario

Based out of Brampton, Ontario, Truck and Loan Center (a division of RB Leasing Inc) is proud to be offering our Truck, trailer, and heavy equipment loan and leasing services to Windsor, Ontario. With the city itself having a population of around 210,000 people, and the metropolitan area about 110,000 more than that, Windsor’s location on the U.S. border makes it a key city for Canadian industry.

Windsor is unique as it is an industrial city that also has a strong tourism industry with one of the largest casinos in Canada. The Ford Motor Company has two engine plants in Windsor as well as several other manufacturing facilities, and Chrysler Canada also has its headquarters and manufacturing plants located in Windsor.

However, it’s not just the major international automotive companies that make up Windsor’s economy, Windsor has a very strong construction, transportation, and other manufacturing industries that all have a strong need of heavy equipment. If your company is looking to purchase new truck, trailer, or equipment but is unable to purchase such a major investment up front, the GTA Financial Ltd. can offer our loan and leasing services.

The two main ways in which we can help you finance your truck, trailer, construction, or heavy equipment are loans and leases. While many clients simply want us to get them the best deal possible at the lowest rate so they can get in, get out, and get on with their business as quickly as possible, the truth is, securing you the best loan for your needs requires a small amount of patience and information.

After helping hundreds of clients secure financing, we’ve streamlined a transparent process that includes an overview of your experience, and a credit check. Over our many years of helping clients secure the right loan for them, we’ve streamlined a transparent system that involves a credit check and details of your experience as well as your truck/ equipment needs. This will allow us to create a bidding war between our lenders in competition for your loan.

Leasing has become an increasingly popular choice for companies when renting is too expensive. A lease is simply a contract for a set number of payments over a specified period of time where you will be allowed to use and operate the truck or heavy equipment. Leasing equipment instead of taking out a loan will give you the security of fixed payments, offer a more flexible underwriting, and allow you certain tax write offs.

If you’re in need of some truck, trailer, construction, or heavy equipment, do not hesitate to contact the GTA Financial Ltd. now to discuss what financing options are best for you. Contact us through our website or call us at 1-866-230-0094 and we’ll set up a consultation immediately! To reach our office in Brampton, follow these directions below:

    • Head south on Hwy 3B
    • Continue on Dougall Ave for approximately 2.7 km
    • Merge onto the ON-401 E and continue for approximately 334 km
    • Exit at Renforth drive toward the ON-427 and continue for approximately 2.9 km
    • Exit onto the ON-427 N and continue for approximately 2.6 km
    • Exit at and turn right Fasken Drive and continue for approximately 900 m
    • Turn left at Carlingview Drive and continue for approximately 1.0 km
    • Turn left onto disco Rd
    • Continue onto Goreway Drive for approximately 6.3 km
    • Turn left onto Intermodal Drive and in 1.2 km your destination will be on your right

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